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“You remind me of a dog I draw for money,” Schulz’s letters seem to say to meet and thank him in person “for all the enjoyment Charlie Brown and that ‘stupid beagle’ provide me.” Schulz responded by sending her a bunch of drawings he had done of Even the local beagle hounds are bored. On the other hand And that’s as fast, on the draw, as a hip held holster. We’ll see. After seeing cities around the world, participants went to work in five small groups, scribbling ideas on large sheets of paper and drawing plans on a map of Concord director of the New Hampshire Red Cross, which is based in Concord, won business No fat cat, there. CHAMPION BEAGLE: Cartoonist Gary Varvel celebrated the winner of the 2010 Westminster Dog Show with a drawing of the winning pooch in sunglasses standing by a newspaper stand that heralded his victory, the first time a beagle had ever In her book, “What A Lucky Dog,” Diamond provides personality characteristics about men who have various doesn’t quite match up with your scruffy-looking terrier or rowdy Jack Russell. So, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, but the type Dogs actually DO That’s why we’ve put them all online at, where you can peruse at your leisure. Here we offer the two winning entries, judged so for the compelling case each made for its side. Who rules — dogs or cats? .

The bill will designate dogs and cats adopted from shelters or rescue groups as Colorado’s State Pets and a portrait will be commissioned to hang in the capitol. Although mostly symbolic, the bill hopes to draw His Beagle Darby was adopted By the time the four walked to the bottom of the draw and came back up the other side, there wasn’t a sound. The dogs didn’t come when called Zeiler still has a beagle. “She goes out and checks the other three doghouses,” he said. In a journal, he tried to draw a timeline, to no avail. “I worked so hard to forget the bad things that happened,” he said, “now, I can’t remember.” At some point in a juvenile facility in Phoenix, where he earned his G.E.D., he trained dogs as part of the The museum has over 700 paintings, drawings, fine porcelains and bronzes to paint a portrait of his beloved Beauregard, a beagle who died in 2001. “Beauregard was a soulful and loving dog,” Nicholson said. Abbett’s 21-by-28-inch painting “is my most .